Clear Creek Stone Cottage

Proving you can still create an incredible living environment in a smaller footprint, this meticulously designed stone cottage gives new meaning to the term “Old Tahoe Feel.” When you enter the main living area it feels like you are stepping into the old world: stonework runs from the floor to the ceiling, planks of trestlewood… Read more »

Farmhouse Family Oasis

A lasting retreat that somehow feels both intimate and spacious at the same time, this Mountain Modern Farmhouse is designed for a close knit family that wants to stay that way. Both the main home and guest house were built with special attention to detail, with an eye towards the type of quality craftsmanship that… Read more »


Despite our best efforts, not every project is smooth sailing (especially in the post-pandemic world). But our team’s perseverance is unmatched, and that’s why this project is called fortitude.This home features a slew of things our team has never done before – different styles of cabinets, different styles of doors, wallpaper throughout most of the… Read more »

Mid Century Light Industrial

A truly one-of-a-kind home for a one-of-a-kind family. MTC worked closely with the owner, who’s an artist, to customize every component in every room — in both the main house and the guest house. It features dark, heavy, factory-inspired hardware and decorative embellishments set against neutral wall tones, which were arranged in a different color… Read more »

Tahoe Revival

This Clear Creek home is a throwback to the classic Lake Tahoe design, but with enough modern flourishes to keep it from feeling like a nostalgic relic. Instead, the custom beamwork and heavy stone trim give the home a timeless feel that will never be outdated. The heavy stone backsplash in the kitchen surrounds a… Read more »

The Godfather of the Farm House

This home features a unique pod-layout consisting of three distinct spaces, strategically oriented towards stunning views of Carson Valley and Job’s Peak. The pods are connected by two bridgeways that split off in opposite directions. Breaking the living space down into smaller elements helps the home blend into the landscape. Karol also features a large… Read more »

Gilded Cabin

The Gilded Cabin has a modern flair while still maintaining a family friendly environment. The home was constructed with a unique blend of materials. The modern, farmhouse design features an outside aesthetic that is very contemporary with shed roofs and stained woods while the inside has lots of light and bright, patented finishes. However, the… Read more »