Mark Tanner Construction is now offering a full-time home inspection and maintenance program. With our new Home Management Care program, we help keep your home in the best condition year-round, with multiple service level options that can be personalized to meet your needs.

We know that the long-term value of your home or residence is based on keeping everything well maintained. You can sign up for monthly or weekly walkthroughs of your house to check for things like water leaks, pests, storm damage, alarm system service and other potential costly issues.

We are able to use our own labor force to complete the majority of maintenance and repair issues that your home may require. If an issue arises, we will work directly with the builder of your home to fix it. This allows us to have detailed knowledge of every aspect of your home, ensuring a higher quality of work and maintaining a secure environment in and around your home.

For more information call 530-386-0680 or email

We really appreciate the home care service you provide. Having the team checking on our house has been great – always responsive, courteous and conscientious in addressing issues that come up. Thank you!

Mei Chen


They are very responsive, knowledgeable and proactive. Not to mention, they have outstanding attention to detail, all while offering great flexibility.

Stina Hans