Mark Tanner, President

After graduating from U.C. Davis with his degree in Political Science, Mark pursued his passion for building. This love of construction started when Mark was in high school and worked on the family ranch in Jackson,  California doing small repairs as needed on many of the older buildings located there.

During the construction process of your home Mark will be intently focused on the project.  From the bid process to the last finish nail, Mark has a hands on approach to building.  Mark Tanner Construction considers each home an expression of the clients imagination. Our design team will give you as much or as little help as you need in creating an environment that is healthy, peaceful, and inspirational for the entire family.

  • Aaron Abraham- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Brahma Butler- Associate Cabinet Production Manager

  • Casey Eberhardt- Project Manager

  • Eric Austin- Finish Specialist

  • Eric Danley- Tool & Equipment Supervisor

  • Jaime Carter- Design Coordinator

  • Jeff Hunt- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Jeremy Espana- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Jim Smith- Framing Project Manager

  • Joanna Branzell- Design Coordinator

  • Justin Dille- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Kelly Woo- Controller

  • Kenzie Tillitt- CAD Specialist

  • Lyndsi Lynch- Assistant Design Coordinator

  • Mark Eberhardt- Estimator

  • Mike DeBerg- Metal Shop Supervisor

  • Phil Ramak- Finish Specialist

  • Rebecca Richstad- Assistant Controller

  • Rob Kylberg- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Robbie Jamison- Project Manager

  • Rocco Rampino- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Ryan Smith- Project Manager

  • Sam Gilmore- Finish Framing Supervisor

  • Shana Neill- Office Manager

  • Sonia Jimenez- HR Manager

  • Stephen Reitter- Finish Field Supervisor

  • Tim Lysen- Finish Framing Supervisor