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by Cassandra Walker, content lead, East River Public Relations


At the helm of high-tech custom home building is Mark Tanner of Mark Tanner Construction, Truckee, California. He is a regional leader in building techniques showcasing unparalleled attention to detail, environmental sustainability, and a penchant for constructing dreamy family homes.

Tanner is an avid proponent of elevating building trends and has identified his newest building endeavor serving as the onsite contractor to receive and finish modular, prefabricated homes built in a factory. “Hybrid housing is the wave of the future,” said Tanner.

Tanner was hired as the general contractor by Nakoma Resorts in Clio, California, where his team laid the foundation and oversaw the setting of modular models ranging from 800 sq.ft. to 2,600 sq.ft. and made by Method Homes of Washington State.

The new units are currently on the market, listed with Dickson Realty, and are ideal options for young families seeking sleek, comfortable, efficient, and affordable second homes set in a beautiful forested, mountain landscape, located an hour north of Truckee.

Modular homes provide accessibility, as they work well in remote areas where a labor force is harder to find. Further, modular building is efficient in reducing labor time. Homes are prefabricated in an indoor setting, so weather factors don’t come into play while Tanner’s team simultaneously completes foundation work. “Offsite construction can run parallel to onsite construction to produce a quality finished home much faster than conventional means,” Tanner said.

Tanner’s team used similar modular units within Truckee’s affluent Martis Camp community and pays special attention to detail at each individual build site. “They all have a modern flair with set or flat roofs and cool architectural features,” said Casey Eberhardt, project manager for Mark Tanner Construction.

Modular homeownership at Nakoma is hassle-free as buyers own the home but not the land, therefore, all grounds keeping and maintenance is handled through a third party. Nakoma Resort’s modular homes are strategically set within walking distance to Altitude, the newly opened state-of-the-art recreation center, as well as resort dining, lodging, and the golf course. Set in the rural mountains away from the crowds of Lake Tahoe, opportunities for adventure are limitless, from exploring the biking and hiking trails in the summer to snowmobiling through the backcountry in the winter.

Collaborating on this modular home development venture with the Nakoma Resort puts Mark Tanner Construction squarely at the helm of cutting-edge home construction practices in the region. To continue advancing the momentum of accessibility and efficiency in constructing second homes of the future, Tanner has also been in talks with Factory OS, which creates its own modular prefabricated homes at its facility on Mare Island in the Bay Area of California.

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