Offering Quality At Various Scales

By Andrew Santa Lucia

Since 1994 Mark Tanner Construction has been in the building and custom home industry in Truckee, Ca, and Lake Tahoe area, completing a myriad of projects, from built- in cabinets, expertly finished homes and infull urbanisms, showing versatility in scale. That have received CATT’s Builder of the Year 2007 award in Truckee. Accolades accrued over time can help enable a paper trail of strengths, but when you describe your firm not as a “typical paper general contractor”, the process and progress our work imbues becomes the distinguishing factor between what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Mark Tanner Construction addresses vision and completion; two elements that can singularly define the fruits of your labor, as mutually entwined in the built product they deliver. Or course, when one focuses too much on either, work can stat as a visual idea or become completely forgettable. It is not a stretch to call Mark Tanner Construction’s work as envisioned completely identifiable.

Described as a “design-build” firm, Mark Tanner Construction’s approaches each project as a case-by case scenario. They offer services and a vision of completion through employing design consultants in their office closely working side-by-side to realize ideas. “Because we are so involved with the design and construction of our homes, specifically in their interior/exterior finishes, I have chosen, as a company to use in-house subcontractor trades,” Tanner says. “We have a full cabinet shop and millwork shop.” With that, they “are able to give a client the vision of what they are looking at. We really play a critical role in developing those finish selections, in terms of driving the project towards a completion.”

Tanner’s approach focuses on nuance and finish, craft and quality, and a list of other bifurcations that define his firm.

The Donner Pass Road Mixed- Use protype in the Truckee Railyard Project is not different in quality, but definitely in scope.  Envisioned by Holliday Development in 2004, Tanner partnered with Holliday to bring the first phase of their plan to a reality. The entirety of the  Railyard Project calls for phases of redevelopment of this industrial sector, looking to create in-fill urban corridors with living and working incorporated into its architecture.

A relationship between “indoor and outdoor living is very important in the mountains to develop.”  The aforementioned conceptual armature allowed the Donner Pass road project to achieve similar effects both in its architectural and urban intentions.

One sentiment that Tanner stressed is how engaged they have become with the Truckee Railyard Project. Through a continued interest in the local culture and economy they are, “taking a critical role into the future of Truckee, says Tanner.

“Tanner was able to be flexible and creative through every step of the process,” says Kevin Brown of Holliday Development, “because this building was a prototype, the design was continually evolving as work continued. Engaging with Tanner on the concept, and having all of those skills and talent in-house were critical to creating a home that could speak volumes about the potential of downtown Truckee living.” This is of course indicative that they are not only invested in what they develop- buildings, interiors and built-in furniture- but why they develop- culture, locality and lifestyle- in a way stretching past the conventional description of what builders do and more concretely saying that they realize environments, both physical and immersive.