With one the most prolific Truckee winters in decades yielding over 600″ of snow,  personal safety and protecting ones property becomes a necessity than rather an option.

Intricate architecture and roof designs like those found in Martis Camp and many Truckee homes can create areas where roof slopes converge and tend to slough off snow in large amounts.  This can create life threatening situations and extensive damage to personal property. Don’t worry, this can be prevented!

With the use of properly engineered snow retention systems the achievement of smaller and controlled releasing of snow can help alleviate these types of problems.  Eckard Roofing, Inc. www.eckardroofing.com suggests the TRA-MAGE   snow retention systems. http://tra-mage.com They adhere to strict design and engineering guidelines,  ensuring a successful installation and  properly functioning snow retention system.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that snow retention systems are as simple as a just fastening something on your roof. Snow load calculations, roof pitches, and roofing materials are just among a few things that are needed to design a snow retention system.

The TRA- Mage snow retention system was installed on this home in Tahoe Donner.  You will see that they were installed on just one side to protect the homeowner while walking from the house to the detached garage.

Blog submitted by Scott Eckard Eckard Roofing, Inc.