It seems that Spring has Sprung here in Truckee but don’t be fooled!

They say we will have 7 days of clear weather, perfect for a snowshoe or ski (or a cup of hot chocolate if neither appeals to you!)  but rest assured, the snow will be back!  We get an Average of 198.3 inches every year so it just means, MORE snow – later!   Historically February is our biggest month for snowfall, but we can see the white stuff well into June if the cycle runs late.

Here at Mark Tanner Construction, Inc.  we can build in any conditions.  We are able to prevent damage that is caused by the elements with green solutions as well as just proper technique.

Perhaps it is a good time to add a snowmelt system to your roof or gutters on that drip edge that keeps making a glacier on your back deck?   Whether the Weather is good or bad, we have the solutions for you!

Now is also a great time to begin planning your spring remodel project or landscape addition.  Our Masons can make a gorgeous outdoor BBQ or fire pit so you can enjoy the back yard any time of year.

How about adding a hot tub or infinity pool  to keep you warm après ski?  We have wonderful suppliers that can find exactly what you are looking for.

Give us a call and we can facilitate what it is you desire to add on to your piece of Tahoe Paradise!

~Janette Conradson