Mark Tanner Construction’s in-house Design Center offers the full range of exterior and interior design services to our clients. Our designers specialize in working closely with each and every client to make their dream a reality. From tile selection to tissue holders, our designers manage everything from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Because the Design Center is part of Mark Tanner Construction, it means our designers work hand-in-hand with our entire team on a daily basis on your home. Their experience being involved in the home construction process from the ground up means each clients’ needs and desires in design are integral to the home, not just tacked on at the end.

Our design team takes each client through a hands-on process. We inquire about your unique vision, your likes and dislikes – and your budget. Our design team creates a custom design packet that illustrates the design plan room by room, and then we walk each client through physical samples to hone in on the details. The end result is a beautiful and functional design that feels like home the moment you step in the front door.

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Spearheading MTC’s interior design department are Kelsey Grabow and Brooke White. The pair’s diverse design perspectives complement one another as they work with the entire MTC team to ensure the client’s desires are prioritized throughout construction and reflected in the final product. Passionate, creative and deeply involved with each homeowner, Kelsey and Brooke are excellent listeners with a unique knack for teasing a design out of their client’s hopes and wishes, and bringing them to fruition.

Brooke White

Working with all kinds of different people is part of the excitement Brooke finds in interior design as she draws inspiration from each client’s experience, background and style. She is passionate about unveiling to homeowners the exact designs they could only envision and describe. From start-to-finish, she makes sure the client’s voice is heard, their style is accentuated throughout the home, and that they get exactly what they want.

Brooke brings a clean, simple aesthetic to her interior design approach and isn’t one for clutter. She’s more interested in seeing how creative the team can be in each space to capture what the client wants. During one of her favorite projects, the homeowners challenged the MTC design team to think outside of the box and let their fun side shine, resulting in the family’s own rendition of the Smithsonian brown bear mural, now proudly displayed in the kids’ loft.

A Las Vegas native and graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Brooke started working at Mark Tanner Construction in 2018 and lives in North Lake Tahoe. She loves having the Tahoe area as her home base because it encompasses the best of both worlds: skiing in the winter and beach time in the summer; making outdoor fun her main focus year-round.

When she isn’t helping clients live in their dream spaces, Brooke enjoys traveling and seeing what other cultures offer. She likes seeing each city’s different architectural properties (and sampling their wine).


Kelsey Grabow

Kelsey’s unique eye for detail, strong visualization and conceptual skills allow her to put herself in her clients’ shoes to help them see their design dreams become reality. She sees each client as an individual and carefully dissects their personal style, wants and needs for the project at hand.

She’s always seen interior design as a rewarding and exciting process that allows her to transform the client’s vision into a sketch and then a rendering, before ultimately bringing their ideas to life.

Kelsey earned her degree in interior design with a minor in architecture from the University of Minnesota and also studied abroad in Italy. She worked as an interior designer in Minneapolis for over six years, keeping up on current design trends and helping homeowners develop their inspirations to best situate their spaces.

She understands that building or remodeling a home can be stressful and daunting, so she prides herself on guiding clients through the journey and making it a fun and enjoyable experience. She appreciates the power of laughter and lightheartedness during the building process and brings the “Minnesota-nice” attitude to MTC.

Kelsey moved to Truckee from Minnesota in November 2018 to follow her passion for skiing and the outdoors. Her other loves in life are music and spending time on the lake.